A Collection of 9 fictional stories

This E-book, "A Pinch of Motivation" consists of 8 stories, a short glimpse of each article is here:

1. A Day In The Life Of A Loner

Yellow Light of the sun slanted through the dust ridden window and made the moth eaten table overflowing with books, sparkle. That was the first thing Pratik saw when he woke up. As he was emerging from the pit of nothingness to a feeble sense of existence. The walls seemed to be darker than usual. The ceiling hung lower than usual. Even Lower hung the fan. In the fan the dust was strapped like fur. He turned his head in disgust, and sat bolt upright. He threw the windows open. It was a sodden climate. The vast dank Kathmandu sprawled before him on a sickly April afternoon right after the dying of the rain.

2. A Predicament 

In a hot and stuffy room, with weak stains of feeble green painted wooden walls, and the ventilator broken down and slanting halfway to the ground, a man wrapped in dirty clothes, slumps in a wobbly bed, with his hand across his face. Right above him, the fan hangs limp, with dust strapped in it like fur. The bed is jammed hard against the rack, the wall and the table. And if it shakes the rest of the objects vibrate and clatter agonizingly. As the door, sucked in by the wind, slams shut, the windows begin to rattle, and the ventilator now hangs intolerably low. Bewildered by the sound, the man shudders violently and looks at the door with wide eyes.

3. Green Blue Jacket

She is a girl seeking comfort with her thoughts, lives within her thoughts and dwell in talking with her thoughts. In this process of talking to her thoughts one day she was walking down a long path with green meadows in the horizon and blue sky above her, meet her eyes with a person that sort of was wearing a jacket of green blue color. She thoughts to herself- “Oh! how interesting that man look in distance, may I just walk by or go talk to him”. As she walks closer and closer, the man turns out be her long lost lover.

4. Life Of A Writer

In a dull dark dusty room, under a frail old light bulb glowing from the middle of the ceiling, and moths hovering around it, a man wrapped in cheap clothes, looks at the blank computer screen with cursor flicking, at a loss, stroking his bushy beard, feeling a dull ache on the back of head. The man is racking his brain for a striking opening line, but every time he types, he feels the nerves on his wrist tighten, colors on his cheeks rise, his heart palpitate, the veins on his forehead throb, and his strained eyes squeeze shut involuntary. In the floor, the clothes are strewn about everywhere, along with the bulky sheets of rejection letters, newspapers, and fast-food wrappers, where cockroaches and mouse scamper about. In the bookshelves, leather-bound books, which he has spent his entire salary on, are crammed so oppressively they are beginning to overflow. Above them, the walls are losing their pallor.

5. Moment Of Impact

Hello, everyone! I am Lee and it my second day today. First of all, I want to apology for my behavior yesterday. (In the background, all the participate look at each other). Throat clear!! As he said, he is Lee and his second day. I am your program inspector for this whole journey, all of you can called me Mr. Jewels. This program is design for kids like you to come together and share your thoughts around different things- be it emotional, silly and un relatable I am here to listen. So, who would like to start? (The place go silence, everyone
looking at everyone.)

6. Nightmares

Whenever I drop my head in the pillow and shut myself from waking life, I feel like I’m slowly, weightlessly descending into a well of comfortable doom. Sometimes I’m in an old mossy house, with moth eaten tables and rickety chairs, creaky floors and ravaged rooms, with dim rooms and web strewn chambers, with weak stairs, and dust covered windows, with rattling fans and clattering doors.

7. Savanna’s Graduation Day

She rushed and slammed the door to find some quiet space. It was her graduation day; her mom had denied to attend whilst also having her own mental breakdown. Savannah is upset because her big day without her mother was as unsettling as it sounds. Her father was very proud and picked his formals the night before; an organized, dignified, and responsible parent as you can sense. When Savannah goes to her graduation, how does she manage to fake smiles and greet the acquaintances? Does she really feel content receiving her degree without her mother?

8. The Lake

The fields were filled with a drowsy scent of flowers, as the soft wafting breeze moved into the fields it made the flowers part, and a sweet rich scent rolled past me into the lake, making the limpid water wrinkle; and a pungent odor followed, making my throat burn. Beyond the haziness the molten gold of a sun gently dipped its foot on the water and waves lapped back to the banks. Then there was profound silence.

9. Timid Women

The bus rocked from side to side, and I whipped like a leaf on a swaying branch. I was closing my eyes, and stiffening my ears, focusing with rapt attention, on the humming of the bus, when I was flung into the arms of a woman. She was awakened into a rude shock. A vague sensation of having fallen into the jug swept over me, and I was expecting something in the lines of a horrific glare and an elbow dash between the eyes, when the woman face turned pink, she looked down and in a jittery nervous manner uttered “sorry”, and almost curled into a ball, as if begging me not to hit her.

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