Music Around the World

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1. Jew’s Harp In Russia

Jew’s Harp also known as Vargan, Mouth harp, Jaw harp, Ozark harp, Murchunga is a well-known traditional instrument all over Asia. The diverse names themselves link the instrument to a diverse culture. This little lamellophone instrument is used in Cambodian music, Carnatic music, Turkic traditional music and Nepali traditional music as well. Along with having different names, this instrument has its traditional values...

2. Jazz Culture

Jazz music was introduced in New Orleans by the African-American community in the 1920s. The 1920s also known as the roaring twenties introduced Jazz which showcased African-American culture to the world. Jazz is an expression that beautifully blends power, peace and positivity with a lot of sophistication. It demonstrates swing and blues notes, and its improvisation requires great knowledge of chords, harmonics and beat. Jazz culture represents African, American and Latin culture and thus has had a great influence on them.

3. Why Is BTS Popular Around The World?

BTS, also known as the Bulletproof Scout Boys, is a seven-member boy group from South Korea. The boy band consists of seven members RM, Jin, Suga, Jhope, Jimin, V, Jungkook. A man named Bang Shi Hyuk started to form the group in 2010 and finally debuted the group on 13th July 2013. They debuted under HYBE Entertainment formerly known as Bighit Labels...

4. The Musical Culture In Newar Community

Newa culture is known for its rich traditions, joyful Jatras and musical performances, which is the centre of every Jatra. Newa culture comes from the indigenous group of Nepal, the newars. Newars are the indo-Aryan and Tibetan-Burman people and the historical inhabitants of Kathmandu valley. Newars and Newa culture are known for its rich traditions, festivals, cuisines, art, literature and unique music. Newa community is based on the co-existence of Hindu and Buddhism, therefore, the musical tradition has its root from classical Buddhism and hindu traditions. The community has various traditional musical instruments and each of them has its significance. The rhythms and harmony of these instruments are different for different occasions.

5. Flamenco

Flamenco is a form of music and dance associated with the gypsies of southern Spain. Flamenco is an art that consists of dance, songs and instruments. Flamenco is said to have originated in the eighteenth century in Andalusia, a Spanish region known to the Roma (commonly known as Gypsies). Flamenco consists of six primary elements i.e., Cante (Songs), Toque (Guitar), Baile (Dance), Jaleo (Chorus), Palmas (Hand Clapping) and Pitos (Finger Snapping). However, Cante and Baile are considered the major foundation of Flamenco...

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