Starting a Business

This E-book, "A Pinch of Motivation" consists of 3 articles, a short glimpse of each article is here:

1. Business Model Canvass

A business model canvas can be defined as a visual tool that provides a high-level strategic detail that includes several elements to drive the business. Alex Osterwalder, the man who developed the BMC model said that BMC should work like an architect drawing a table to put their business model together and experiment. Business Model Canvas was proposed by Alex Osterwalder in 2005. The idea was based on his earlier work on business model ontology. Yves Pigneur and Alex Osterwalder in the year 2000 started to research the most important elements for a business that would help to develop a business model...

2. SWOT Analysis

SWOT stands for Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threats and is a competitive strategy used by organizations to ensure goals and identify different elements involved in decision making. SWOT analysis is defined as a conceptual evaluation process of all the internal and external factors like strengths and weaknesses of the business and opportunities and threats present in the external business arena. It is popular as a traditional and highly effective process for strategic marketing and business planning sessions. SWOT analysis breaks down various aspects of business into simple yet smart categories which introduce new perspectives in decision making and marketing plans....


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