About Us

We “The River Sweeps” believe in learning with excitement and fun.

As Stephen King puts it, “Books are a uniquely portable magic”. Indeed books are magic. We bring you that magic within reach of a few clicks away. These pieces have been written from writers all over the world. With every page you turn, you can expect to find a unique piece that gives a beautiful vibe and quality written content.

At The River Sweeps, we bring you short-eBooks from nine different genres. Each book has a different amount of stories. Users can choose the books as per their reading span and love for the genre.

The collections are as follows:

Collection of 12 Fictional Stories 12 stories
Collection of 9 Fictional Stories 9 stories
Health is Wealth 8 Articles
A look into Digital Marketing 7 Articles
Explaining Abstract Art 6 Articles
Music around the World 5 Articles
Personality Development 4 Articles
A Pinch of Motivation 3 Articles
101 of Starting a Business 2 Articles

Also, focusing on our fun part. With every purchase for the book you make, we offer you a limited amount of SC, which you can use on various online platforms.

Hope you enjoy our e-Books and have fun with the SC.

Best Wishes