Future of games in the next 5 years

From simple arcade games like Pac-Man to complex and realistic games like Red Dead Redemption 2, games have come a long way. Gone are the days of playing games on pixelated graphics. Games are getting more realistic than ever. With processors and memories getting more complex and faster, it’s obvious that the future of gaming is going to be awesome. If you like games, you’re definitely in for a treat. One of the most awaited games, Half-Life: Alyx was one of the first big titles for virtual-reality gaming. It is always hard for people to adjust to changes. However, this was very well received by the gaming community. This also suggests that gamers are not ready to move to virtual reality yet. But, on the other hand, this game proves that the possibilities in virtual reality are endless. It could be really interesting to see what developers come up with in the next few years. In the next few years, cloud gaming could become mainstream. As Google Stadia announces, you can game up to 4K 60 fps with HDR enabled. The requirements you will have to meet are just compatible screens, which you may already have, and high-speed connection. The processing power here is used from Stadia’s servers. Some other examples of this are Geforce cloud, Xbox cloud, Vortex, etc. This could change the way we own gaming pcs.

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