Life stressing you out? Here's a guide to stress less

Life stressing you out? Here’s a guide to stress less. First of all, lets define what is stress. When these changes/challenges occur, our body creates a physical and mental response in order to adjust body to new situation. This process is what we call stress. Life doesn’t always go as planned. And we as humans have the tendency to resist change. From an evolutionary perspective, change in the surroundings represents ‘unknown’. And this fear of the unknown threatens our safety and security. When we move to a new city, we might feel distressed because we are unknown about the place. What makes stress bad? Stress is both good and bad. Stress can help us keep alert, motivate to do task and avoid dange. If it were not for stress, then we wouldn’t be able to finish our task before deadline. For short run, stress is good, because it keeps us alert. It helps in winning a race or election. However, Stress is bad, when there is continuous activation stress. It means that This creates exhaustion and fatigue in our body. This happens when people are rigid while adapting to new environment. This creates a faulty perception of having no control. There are some things you can control and not others. For example, you might see two types of people while riding a Roller Coaster. First, who sits in the back, eyes closed, clenched body, stiff arms and have a frightened look. Another, who sits in the front, full of joy, eyes opened, loosened body and a smiley face. Difference between them is that one has adapted to change in the surround, and they are aware of what is in their contro

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