A Pinch of Motivation

This E-book, "A Pinch of Motivation" consists of 3 articles, a short glimpse of each article is here:

1. Why do I love butterflies?

Tiny eggs are laid, and only a few strong ones survive. They grow into caterpillars, and they eat and eat and eat and eat... How children learn and how our learning never stops can be compared to that of caterpillar’s appetite at this stage. There is no saturation point!
Just like they say, what’s important is invisible to the eyes; one does not know what is going on inside that cocoon of silk... Metamorphosis is a slow yet beautiful process. Butterflies are becoming; we are becoming. Like a moth transitions into beautiful butterflies ...

2. Self Love

“To fall in love with yourself is the first secret to happiness.”
The happiness of a person lies in their own hands. Without being happy and satisfied within themselves, one can neither be happy nor make others happy. Self love is not always about loving the way you look. It is much deeper than that.Self love is choosing yourself
when no one else chooses you. It is standing up for yourself, it is accepting your flaws, it is believing in yourself, it is accepting the fact that you cannot always be perfect ...

3. Sunflower

Yes, I am hiding my heart away. It seems to me like the best thing to do right now. I know we all have different sides we show to people. Young sunflowers face the sun, but once they mature, they all face east-ward, and at times of rain and thunderstorm, they face each other. This does not imply their indirectness. Quite the opposite in this case, because it means they
develop and bloom towards one direction, towards the east...

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