Explaining Abstract Art

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1. Colors, Music And Art

This is a painting by famous artist Wassily Kandinsky. It is titled as “Composition VII”. He was assured that his painting could compose a sound or music. That is because he had synesthesia. Synesthesia means association of one sense would activate the another sense. For Kindinsky, this means, by seeing a color means he heard music and when he heard a sound means he saw a color...

2. Depiction Of Abstract Art From Real World

The openness to interpretation of abstract art can be quite rewarding, which makes it worldwide and market-friendly. This can although be frustrating when the perception of abstraction is too wide. But if we see abstract art as a whole in the bigger picture, we have always been involved with abstraction in this world. Interacting through religion, markets, currency and way longer in the ancient times where we see abstraction in carvings of caves and walls.

3. How did Abstract painting come to existence?

The birth of abstract impressionism to the minimalist and performance art came to existence after photography was invented. The skill of making art was challenged at that time because that skill could be covered by a camera. A landscape scene and portraits were made easily by photography, which captured the beauty presented in nature. But the art was not just about beauty, it was much more of expression.

4. What makes abstract art different from other art

Generally, when a person looks at the abstract art, one thought might arise in their head, “This is the art that my cat can make”. With no subject, background or scenery, it can be quite difficult to comprehend abstract art from other art form. Artwork such as Leonardo DaVinci’s “Mona Lisa” can be easier to comprehend. It is a portrait of Mona Lisa. It represents a women with half body portrait which has composition of profile pose...

5. What interpretation of Abstract art is correct?

The interpretation of abstract art depends on the viewer’s perspective. The meaning that the artist is expressing can be one of many interpretations. So, what exactly is the true method for interpreting the abstract art? Well, we can ask the artist itself. However, popular paintings’ value increases generally after the death of the artist. Therefore, the relevant interpretation of the artist might not be recorded at that time. So, how about the art form where the literature of the painting is recorded...

6. How is the value of abstract art determined?

Finding the value of the abstract art can be quite tricky. As it all depends on how much the people are willing to pay. Unlike commodities and stock prices, where the price of the product can be measured, it is difficult to measure the unit of art pieces. Therefore, it depends on the buyer to determine the price of the art piece. Worldwide, each year more than $20 billion of artwork are sold...


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